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iVote – Official Election Commission of India App

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iVote is an Android mobile application officially endorsed by the Election Commission of India that provides various election-related utility features like searching the voter’s Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC - Voting ID) information, finding directions to the polling booth, details of the contesting candidates, a comprehensive model code of conduct for ready reference and an easy complaint submission mechanism. The app was piloted for voters in Punjab, India, in the National Elections 2014.

Download iVote / Visit www.digitalsorcerer.com

• 100 million new voters were going to vote for the first time
• 50% of the active Internet users in India were accessing Internet on mobile devices
• Lacking engagement between the youth and the Election Commission of India
• 23 million eligible voters aged between 18-19 years

Encourage voters to participate in the national electoral process, provide an engagement medium, facilitate users and create awareness.

I led the development and launch of iVote. Worked with Government of India officials and the Election Commission of India to launch iVote mobile app during National Elections 2014.

• President of India award for the ‘Best Electoral Practice’
• iVote is being adopted by all the states in India
• 30,000 downloads in 30 days
• 4.4 average rating with 600+ reviews on Google Play Store


Press: 'Mobile App gets ECI Approval' - The Tribune

Letter of Recommendation - Chief Election Officer, Punjab

iVote Impact Assessment Report


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Caboom is a startup that enables taxi companies with smart technology solutions. GoCaboom, a suite of apps for drivers, passengers, business administrators, supervisors and call-center representatives, is catered toward alleviating the problems afflicting the taxi industry globally by leveraging innovative applications of technology.

Visit www.gocaboom.com

• $10 billion industry in India expected to grow at 30% between 2013-2018
• 94% market share of the unorganized sector, 6% organized sector
• Dead miles incurred due to inefficient processes
• Challenges faced by incumbent operators in technology upgrade
• Emerging competition of tech-enabled players
• Lack of safety measures in the industry

Optimize and automate processes through the use of technology for a much reliable, safer and convenient travel.

I led product development, strategy, implementation, execution, business development, sales and marketing to empower transportation businesses with location intelligence technologies.

• 3000 daily rides in New Delhi and San Francisco
• $50,000 revenue in 6 months
• Accepted into SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program
• Provisional Patent on ‘Taxi Positioning Technology’
• Employment for 5 engineers


Press: 'Delhi's 19-year-olds make commuting safer with a click' - Hindustan Times (HT City)

Patent – Taxi Positioning Technology (1450/Del/2013):

Taxi Positioning Technology gives personalized search results to every taxi driver and suggests places where they should position themselves in order to maximize chances of finding a ride. The technology leverages algorithms that take into account current positions of all taxis in the vicinity as well as statistics from previous bookings to optimize taxi positioning. 

View Specifications


ManageKart is a multi-tenant SaaS inventory management application for ecommerce merchants. It is currently an alpha stage centralized platform for managing inventory on various ecommerce platforms in South East Asia – starting with Singapore – such as Lazada, Qoo10 and Matahari. The ultimate vision for the product is to create an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based automatic dynamic inventory pricing system that will reduce the daily or weekly human intervention in updating the inventory across ecommerce platforms to once until the stock lasts.

• Absence of advance centralized platform for managing inventory on the plethora of ecommerce platforms
• Cumbersome and inefficient process of updating inventory on individual ecommerce platform
• Lack of automation and dynamic pricing for merchants
• Excessive human intervention in inventory management

Automate inventory management, making it effortless for merchants to sell online across various ecommerce marketplaces with a centralized application leveraging advance data analytics, visualization and dynamic pricing.

I developed a SaaS application based on multi-tenant architecture for enterprises. The application is database agnostic and can also be easily integrated with existing databases and systems.

• Delivered the enterprise edition of our application to a merchant in Singapore
• Application integrated with Lazada and Qoo10 ecommerce platforms



FusePlay was one of my personal research projects with the aim to explore the applications of interfacing sensors with smart TVs without requiring native middleware (SDK or NDK).

• Nielsen estimated that over 25 percent of those with incomes over $75,000 a year will own a smart TV in 2016
• Different development stacks for various smart TV brands
• Absence of a unified smart TV application development environment for connected devices
• Limited processing capability of smart TVs
• Lack of interfacing between smart TVs and remote sensors

Demonstrate the cross-platform interfacing of remote sensors for smart TVs using a mobile device (or any Internet of Things sensor device) and Internet without installing native software on TV.

I developed Android and web-socket based applications that leveraged sensors on the host device, in particular, gyroscope of the mobile phone, to control and move a square-shaped object on smart TV’s web browser.

• Successful implementation of the proof of concept
• Developing a web browser based game with optimized performance comparable to Google Chromecast, which streams media / casts screen instead of controlling objects
• In synchronization with the industry trends of today – Google Chromecast (for games)
• A viable approach to interactive gaming as compared to screen mirroring devices


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'Mobile App gets ECI Approval' - The Tribune
'Delhi's 19-year-olds make commuting safer with a click' - Hindustan Times (HT City)


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